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Performers Academy

Performers Academy

What is the Performers Academy?
The Performers Academy is a Youth Dance Company which will be run by The Peelo School of Dance.

Senior pupils from the four branches of the Peelo School of Dance will be invited to audition. It has always been a dream of mine to have a company incorporating the four schools, now that we have top class facilities at our beautiful state of the art dance studio, I feel now is the time to go forth with this venture.

Although both Ballet and Hip Hop pupils are welcome to audition for the company ballet will be the core subject. Ballet is the basis for all dance styles and it is vital for our pupils to be able to have these core skills. Pupils who only partake in our Hip Hop classes must be willing to try the ballet section both in the audition process and in the company, this is standard practice in dance colleges.

The Performers Academy will be a stepping stone for those pupils who would like a future career in dance. It will be an excellent basis for auditioning for dance college and dance companies. The academy is also open to those who don’t necessarily want to go to dance college but would like to take more dance training and would like to take their dancing to the next level.

The Performers Academy will be completely separate to our weekly classes and will not interfere with The Peelo School of Dance Shows or Examinations.

At the end of term there will be a performance, which all members are encouraged to promote and invite people to attend.Members of the Performers Academy will also have the possibility to participate in master classes with guest lecturers and choreographers.

The Peelo School of Dance are often invited to perform at local events and displays, it will now be the Performers Academy performing at these.

There will be a limited number of places in the company, not all applicants will be accepted.

The Performers Academy leotard and t-shirt will be supplied to all successful applicants. Ballet tights, shoes and black leggings must be supplied by the students.

Dance as a career is very fulfilling and full time training can be very demanding and expensive. Dance College is a wonderful experience but you must be very dedicated to dance. Our Performers Academy will give pupils the opportunity to see if they have the ability and dedication required to attend Dance College. Some of our senior pupils and teachers have attended Dance Colleges in Ireland, England and Europe. If any student is interested in dance as a career, please let me know and I will help find the course most suitable and guide them through the application and audition process.

Deirdre Brennan

Prospectus Sept 2018